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Testimonials By:

Here are comments from some of the 38 participants who attended Dave's presentation on "Grief and Loss Issues Involving the Death of a Child": (Professionals)

  • "The fact that Dave is a bereaved parent brings a great deal of first hand knowledge that we benefit from not being bereaved parents."
  • "This isn't my first class with Dave. I always walk away with something new.
  • ."I appreciated David's honesty with his experience both as a bereaved parent and a clinician."
  • " I learned not only about aspects of this topic, but also insights about similar dynamics of dealing with loss which I will find helpful in working through my divorces and being attentive to friends dealing with the "loss" of their son as they'd hoped for, as they face his severe psych/behavioral problems as an adolescent."

Here are some comments about Dave’s abilities as a writer and speaker: (Professionals)

  • "As a result of the challenges presented due to the death of his daughter Jeannine, Dave has found meaning by compassionately helping individuals and families “work through “their grief following catastrophic loss. As a contributing author for The Open to Hope Foundation since 2009 , Dave has contributed many quality  articles on various aspects of the grief experience. Dave is a dynamic workshop presenter who has the ability to inspire individuals who have experienced life altering loss. "
    Dr. Heidi Horsley, Assistant Professor, Columbia University
    Executive Director: Open to Hope Foundation
    Cable T.V. & Radio Host: The Open to Hope Show
  • "To say Dave Roberts is a knowledgeable and inspirational at speaking events is an understatement. It also sells him short, as he is entertaining and humorous as well. He takes the tough subjects of loss and discovering your path and creates a safety net through his words about his journey. He allows the participants to extrapolate THEIR experience and connect the dots. He consistently delivers new aspects of learning about personal journey and we consistently hear how inspired our participants were at his events"
    Brandon Russ, Owner/Creator, Spirit Tree Connections

Here are some comments from individuals who have read Mourning Discoveries: A guide to help families navigate through grief towards healing......During the Holidays (Professionals)

  • "Mourning Discoveries" compassionately addresses the impact of loss and the importance of acknowledging that grief is a journey that has many paths. This book gives you permission to grieve and the resources to support you along the way. As both a brain injury survivor since 1999, and a brain injury support group facilitator, "Mourning Discoveries" has proven to be an invaluable resource for those exploring loss and provides a thoughtful compassionate approach in navigating through your journey; no matter what traumatic life changing event has occurred in your life. I highly recommend this book as your companion throughout your own grief journey.
    Christopher Hotaling, Peoria, Arizona
  • I want to congratulate you and Mrs. Findlay on a job well done! The book is truly an awesome resource not only for individuals that are going though the grieving process, but also for the individuals that don't know how to relate to individuals that are in sorrow. It was an easy read, and the fun facts, quotes, and activities that you have added are very fun and helpful, yet are a great addition to the book.
    - Jasmina Ibrahima

•"I’ve already gotten my two holiday books, one for me and one for a friend. I love it! The very first pages of the introduction resounded with me and my grief journey, five years out. Reading the book is kind of like having a discussion and hearing about all different types of grief experiences. It certainly validates my own experiences. I already feel better about dealing with the upcoming holidays. Great job on the book, Dave and Linda!"  
- Liz Boenig, Texas

  • Good information, written simply and concisely. Well needed.
    -"Tony Falzano, Rochester, New York, Artist, "In Abba's Arms", June 2009.

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Here are some comments from students about Dave’s  Parental Bereavement” course  at Utica College: (Students)

• “This was one of the most informative and best classes I have taken at Utica College.”·         • “Amazing!  I would recommend this class to anyone who has to deal with people.”
• “Highly effective, strives to reach his audience, cares about the subject material. Someone, I would trust to guide me both professionally and academically.” 
• “He is very passionate about the subject and conveys that to the students

Here is a comments from  students about Dave’s  “Death,Dying and Bereavement course  at Utica College:(Students)
• “Dave was able to enrich the subject of death,dying and bereavement by elaborating on his own personal grief and how he is handling it. This is a subject that needs a personal touch, and Dave was able to provide it.”
• “This course forced me to think about death and the things I want out of life, and what I want to do before Idie.”
“The environment was fantastic. Dave made it easy for everyone to talk openly about a difficult subject."

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 What participants have liked  about Dave's workshop: "The Bereaved Parent -Five Years Later"  (  Parents)

• "Dynamic, held audience attention, great content ."
• " Well done and helpful for us seasoned grievers. Need more like this. Loved handouts and book list."
• "Affirmations of things I know and am feeling."
• " Very powerful and organized. I will use his thoughts and ideas." 
• "Different perspective at looking at grief-very positive".
•  “David’s personal and genuine care for all parents, and his personal experiences were so helpful.”
•  “ The information on Native American philosophy- Dave’s personal story”
•  “ The embrace of every system, faith and path through this(journey).

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 What participants  have liked about Dave's workshop: "The Bereaved Parent-Issues Involving Surviving Grandchildren (Grandparents)

•  "Very interactive and blending of experience with information." 
•  "Very informative." 
•  "Open for questions- great information."
•  “Handouts and power point presentation”
•  “When I shared my story”

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